Mac-Mahon, Edme-Patrice-Maurice, count de

   military and political figure, marshal of France
   Born in Sully to a family of irish Jacobite origin, Edme Patrice Maurice, count de Mac-Mahon was educated at saint-cyr and took part in the early military campaigns in Algeria. For his distinguished service he was made a brigadier general in 1848 and later a division commander in the crimean War (1854-1856) and in the Algerian Campaign of 1857-58. After the campaign of Magenta (1859) against the Austrians, he was made a marshal of France and duke of Magenta. He was appointed governor-general of Algeria in 1864, a position that he held until 1870. Marshal Mac-Mahon was then given command of the First Army Corps during the franco-prussian war. Named commander of the army at Versailles by louis-adolphe Thiers, he won the support of the conservatives in the National Assembly by his repression of the Paris commune (March-May 1871). Backed by the monarchists, he became the second president of the third republic in 1873. A conservative and monarchist, Mac-Mahon, during a struggle with the republicans in 1877, dissolved the chamber of Deputies. When the republicans won the election, he was forced to resign (1879), and he retired from public life.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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